9 Scientists explore the biggest questions in science

Prof. Axel Cleeremans is one of the 9 scientists selected to explore the biggest questions in science. Motherboard’s first feature-length documentary, titled The Most Unknown, explores some of the biggest questions in science: What is dark matter? What is consciousness? Where did life come from? Is there life elsewhere in the universe?
More about his research

Artificial Intelligence: Mergeable nervous system

Prof. Marco Dorigo from IRIDIA/ULB proposes a new control paradigm for robots. The robots he presents can merge to form larger bodies with a single centralized controller, split into separate bodies with independent controllers, and self-heal by removing or replacing malfunctioning body parts (Nature Communications, sept 2017). More about this project

Epigenetics: Portraying breast cancers with long noncoding RNAs


Led by Pr. François Fuks, a ULB Cancer Research Center (U-CRC) team  provides the most comprehensive analyses for lncRNA in breast cancers. Their findings suggest a wide range of biological functions associated with lncRNAs in breast cancer and provide a foundation for functional investigations that could lead to new therapeutic approaches (Science Advances, Sept 9 2016)

First Brussels Pre-Columbian Meeting at ULB

The Fondation ULB in collaboration with the FNRS and visit.brussels is pleased to present the First Brussels Pre-Columbian Meeting, to be held on Saturday, October 24, 2015. The intention of this annual meeting is to bring together the leading scholars in the field of Pre-Columbian studies in a thematic scientific conference. This year’s theme is “The Meaning Within: Interpreting Symbolic Activities, Artefacts and Images in Ancient America”. More information

Important step towards cell therapy for diseases of the cerebral cortex

The ULB Neuroscience Institute (UNI) team led by Pr. Pierre Vanderhaeghen have tested successfully the therapeutic potential of cortical neurons generated at the laboratory, by transplantation in the brains of adult mice (Neuron, 5.3.2015). It is an important proof of concept to stem cells therapy for human brain disorders More

Measuring the temperature at the heart of certain stars (Nature, 1/8/2015)

Pr. Sophie Van Eck and her team published a world premiere by measuring the temperature at the heart of certain stars as well as dating them. To do this, they have used the HERMES spectrograph (mounted on the KULeuven Mercator telescope located on La Palma in the Canary Islands), built in the context of collaboration whose main partners were the KULeuven, the ULB and the Royal Observatory of Belgium. More about her research

Twist 1 in tumour initiation, growth and progression in skin cancers


Cell Stem Cell (8.1.15). Pr. Cédric Blanpain’s laboratory  makes the cover of the prestigious Cell Stem Cell magazine and show that low levels of Twist1 are essential for tumor initiation, maintenance, and stemness independent of its EMT-inducing activity.

IBM Faculty Award to Pr. Jean-François Raskin

Prof. Jean-jfraskinFrançois Raskin of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) receives the IBM Faculty Award for his research on reactive computers systems. These computer systems maintain a continuous interaction with the environment in which they execute, like e.g. controllers embedded in cars or planes, system level software, device drivers, communication protocols, etc. The award fosters collaboration between researchers at leading universities worldwide and IBM and is valued at 10.000 USD. More about Jean-François’ research